Inna Hudaya: Fighting for women’s autonomy over their bodies

Activist creates organization that offers long-distance counseling for unplanned pregnancies and information about safe abortions. In an interview over email for Believe.Earth, Inna Hudaya, now 36, talked about her work, how she overcame depression, and the importance of the feminist struggle. “There is no equality if women do not have autonomy over their own body. This still is, and always will be, our fight.”

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Indonesia: Islam’s Abortion Debate

Islamic jurisprudence does not encourage abortion, but unlike the Catholic Church, it does not absolutely forbid it. Scholars of the Hanafi school of Islamic law, the most widely followed of the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence in the Sunni world, generally accept that abortion is allowable within 120 days of conception. 

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Should Women Perform Their Own Abortions?

Inna Hudaya was a woman in trouble. Lying in a shoddy hotel room, she squeezed her eyes closed as an old woman performed an abortion on her with no anesthesia and no painkillers. They barely spoke a word after the exchange of money . This, Hudaya thought to herself, is how I will die.

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The Media and Abortion Activists are Pushing a New Idea: Do-It-Yourself Abortion

Do-it-yourself (DIY) isn’t just for arts and crafts, according to the liberal media. Now, they’re using the term for abortion. Following stronger pro-life legislation and the closing of abortion clinics, liberal journalists first panicked about the rise of dangerous DIY abortion. Some exaggerated the number of women attempting them. Feminist media highlighted desperate women who would do anything to abort, from seeking out questionable abortifacient drugs and coat hangers to stomach punching. 

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‘Illegal, but they’re everywhere’: How women help other women get abortion

JAKARTA, Indonesia – In 2003, Inna Hudaya was a college student in Yogyakarta. With no access to contraception and little information about safe sex, she soon found herself with an unwanted pregnancy. Hudaya decided to have an abortion when she was 6 weeks pregnant, despite not understanding her choice or the consequences of it. In a blog, she described the pain of a shady abortion process in Solo, where she laid in a hotel room and an older woman penetrated her vagina with her fingers. Hudaya was left bleeding after the ordeal, and depressed for years after.

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