Quality of Care in a Safe-Abortion Hotline in Indonesia: Beyond Harm Reduction

Objectives. To examine services offered by safe-abortion hotlines in contexts in which abortion is legally restricted and to document the experiences of women contacting a safe-abortion hotline in Indonesia.

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Population Association of America 2015 Annual Meeting

In settings where abortion is legally restricted, women are increasingly choosing Misoprostol for self-induction of abortion, and in Indonesia where this practice is common, safe abortion hotlines are particularly useful for harm reduction.

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American Public Health Association 142nd Annual Meeting

In recent years, mobile phones have rapidly evolved as tools for health promotion and disease prevention in low-resource settings. While mobile health (mHealth) projects have successfully demonstrated improvements in sexual and reproductive health outcomes, to date, no full-scale mHealth project exists for improving information, access, or outcomes for abortion. This study aims to facilitate the development of a prototype mHealth smartphone application to provide information about and increase access to safe-abortion in Indonesia.

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Asien Haus

Tabuisierte Gewalt bei Abtreibungen. Umfassende Beratung hilft betroffenen Frauen, ihre Selbstbestimmungsrechte wahrzunehmen. Abtreibungen sind in Indonesien illegal, außer bei medizinischer Indikation oder Vergewaltigung. Frauen, die abtreiben, werden zu Kriminellen gemacht und sind vermehrt Gewalt ausgesetzt. Dem wirkt die Organisation SAMSARA mit einer »Sicheren Abtreibungs-Hotline« entgegen.

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